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Automation and production equipment
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Production equipment & machineries, Electronic testing and control, Metrology

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I.SO.TESTís activity can be summarized as follows:rni) Plant development (planning, realisation and sale).rnii) Services (carrying out N.D.T. at I.SO.TESTís premises or directly at the customerís ones and offering assistance in order to choose the proper system). The inspection for the customers on prototypes and production systems, with the release of official inspection certificates, follows ďASNTĒ to 1A using its own Non-Destructive Technique equipment (based on Ultrasounds, X-ray, Fluorescent Penetrating Liquids, Magnetic Particles and Eddy Currents).rnrnI.SO.TEST does also offer a software package for Statistical Quality Control (SQC), which has been implemented in many companies for the realisation of an automatic production control. I.SO.TEST has recently developed the capability to supply N.D.T. equipment for turn-key plants for the production of high quality products (as supplier of the main contractor). I.SO.TEST is continuing its policy of development of new N.D.T. and Quality Control methods. Its main concern is focused on diversification of its base clients and consequently on diversification of N.D.T. applications. Ultrasound systems, for example, have many applications in different production activities and I.SO.TEST pays attention to the training of its own engineers in order to provide the customers with an adequate high level service.rnThe aim of professional improvement of the know-how is also reached with its presence in Brite-EuRam Projects, by which I.SO.TEST can afford considerable expenses in R&D. I.SO.TESTís market for N.D.T. and Quality Control is essentially the Italian one. On the contrary, the realisation of plants covers the international market.rnI.SO.TEST was project coordinator in the Brite-EuRam II DUALETO project BREII5535-0241 and partner in the following Brite-EuRam projects: BE-5029-92 ULTRASONIC RESONANCE, BE-5251-92 OPTIMA, BE-7231 BRE2-CT94-0926 RADICAD. It is currently taking part in the Brite-EuRam BE-3743 SMARTMEC project and in the Brite-EuRam GRD1-1999-10445 RASQUAL project. rnI.SO.TEST is also participating in a joint-venture with a Roumanian company for NDT market within the framework of JOPP programme.rn


350.000,00 €

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English , Spanish

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CLAUDIO CANTORE - 011 9310318

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