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S.R.S. Engineering Design - AENCOM



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Services, R&d, studies, engineering, Modelling, simulation, calculation, Design, Programming, Prototyping, Testing and control

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S.R.S. Engineering Design company is a Small Enterprise with 44 employee specialized in the CAE and CAD sector with more than 25 years of experience in components and system design, in “Virtual Prototyping” and “Virtual Testing” in the following sectors: -Design and Virtual testing in the aerospace sector; -Design and Virtual testing in the automotive sector; -Project development in the field of solar telescope; -Software development for automation and control system; -Design and Virtual testing in the nuclear sector. In detail, in the last years, design activity of S.R.S. Engineering Design company has been focused in the thermal-fluid dynamical and structural simulation in order to test performance expectation of system and components. As “Strategic Partner”, S.R.S. Engineering Design developed, together with FERRARI (Industrial production and F1), methodologies of Virtual Testing aiming to a drastic reduction of the number of prototype produced and tested resulting in a overall cost and testing time reduction.rnBeen involved in this pluriannual project led to gain full knowledge in real testing, in the field of numerical – experimental correlation, primary activity in the assessment of the reliability of the virtual testing methodologies.rnThe above mentioned activities were applied to mechanical and mechatronic field applied to aluminum, steel and composite systems and components.rnThe simulation of the performance test have been performed on static-linear, dynamic linear, static non linear, fast dynamic non linear (crash and impacts), elastic-cinematic simulation of mechanisms (such as car suspensions) phenomena linked to structural simulation both linear and non linear. The S.R.S. Engineering Design company main skill Is the link between simulation of control system and the structural simulation of components. The software mainly used are: -Hyperworks e Patran for modeling and post processing -Nastran, Abaqus, Radioss, Ls-Dyna, Ansys for static, dynamic and impact structural test -Ansys EMAG for magnetic ad electromagnetic simulation -Adams, Matlab, Simulink for multibody simulation (dynamic simulation of machanisms) -LMS Virtual Lab, NI Labview for the XXXXXX of experimental data -Fluent for fluido dynamic analysis -CATIA v5, Pro-E, SolidWorks for mechanical designrnThe experience gained by the company and previously described could be usefully applied for virtual testing of components performance. Furthermore the company can support for the execution of numeric experimental correlation, aiming to test simulation methodologies, in terms of protocols, calculation program used, mathematical model of the material to be used.


3.000.000,00 €

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English , French, Spanish

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Alberto Naviglio - 011 3916211

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