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Automation and production equipment
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Production equipment & machineries, Assembly lines, Automatic machines, Automatic work cells, Forming/thermoforming/idroforming, Gluing machines, Machine tools, Cnc machines, Metrology, Robotics, Welding, Moulding/co-moulding, Pavia

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TELMA has got specific experience for planning and fulfillment of complete tooling line for bending and trimming, in particular for section bars according to customer’s safety standards, as well as planning and accomplishment of checking fixture for both the visual and dimensional checking, for plastic and metal materials. Its products are in aluminium, resin or iron, depending on the specific usage; every checking fixture is equipped with a test certificate in order to certificate the absolute qualitative level of provided equipment. TELMA is able to realize either prototypical and ultimate moulds for pre-format (Woodstock,…) and metal sheet, starting from the mathematical elements given from the customer. The planning is carried by the company technical office, by using the most updated computer system and the technicians’ experience and technical know-how. All this gives life to efficient and innovative solution for the production of both small and big series details. The CNC milling machines and the three-dimensional measure machines assure the greatest accuracy in the realized mould. Thanks to the GIGANT 500 TON press with a 2500x2000 working space, TELMA can provide pre-series sampling for both pre-formats and metal sheet, in accordance with the customer. From the combination of competences in modeling with oleo-pneumatic systems, TELMA realizes machine for the industrial application of adhesive tape on plastic components. The attention to details and the customer request, as well as the CE label of conformity to the European norms, guarantee the quality of the provided tools. Concerning the tools, TELMA realizes jigs and processing areas for both the robotic and manual welding for customer who needs a high functionality comined with the greatest accuracy. The firm also has got specific professional proficiency in manufacturing of demonstrative model/Master and polystyrene models.


2.600.000,00 €

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English , French, Spanish, Portuguese

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andrea fruttero - 3317593118

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