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Automation and production equipment
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System integrator, Production equipment & machineries, Assembly lines, Automatic machines, Automatic work cells, Laser cutting/welding machines, Steel bodywork, Machine tools, Metrology, Robotics, Welding, System suppliers

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Comau Body Welding is leading the way in advanced production systems for full vehicle body and components manufacturing and turnkey body shops. We have the most cost-effective body welding systems in the world suited for a broad spectrum of industry applications.rnComau is a unique provider in the advanced manufacturing field, able to support the entire production process with modular machines and machining systems, assembly systems and a range of product performance simulations and test evaluations.rnComau Robotics offers a broad range of technologically advanced robotized solutions designed to maximize our customers' productivity in response to challenging market demands.rnWe provide maintenance services for equipment and production processes, ensuring competitive solutions and high standards.rn


1.464.000,00 €

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English , French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Other

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Maria Antonietta Agazzi - +390110048223

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  • Company name:COMAU inc

    Country:United States of America

    Activity:Commercial, Production, R&D


  • Company name:COMAU Shangai


    Activity:Commercial, Production


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