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Automation and production equipment
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Teoresi spa



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System integrator, Services, R&d, studies, engineering, Modelling, simulation, calculation, Design, Prototyping

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With over 25 years of proven engineering experience, we are active in developing innovative rnmechatronic systems that integrate advanced technologies from a number of engineering disciplines. rnOne of Teoresi’s core engineering strengths is our expertise in the Model Based Design approach. The MBD methodology drastically reduces production time by shortening the design, development and validation phases while increasing rnsystem reliability. The advantages of this approach are that issues and improvements that need to be addressed can be done before the system is actually built. This means fewer prototypes will need to be constructed, cost and time will be reduced, and there will be a dramatic reduction in errors.


10.100.000,00 €

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English , French, Spanish

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Piergiorgio Ghirardello - 0112408000

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  • Company name:Teoresi, Inc.


    Activity:Commercial, Production, R&D

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