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Automation and production equipment
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Production equipment & machineries, Automatic machines, Automatic work cells, Forming/thermoforming/idroforming, Robotics, Moulding/co-moulding, Dies&moulds

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COPROGET S.r.l. is a well known company operating in the field of the design and construction of prototype and manufacturing equipment for the cold processing of sheet metal: roll forming lines, bending and/or stretch forming machines, progressive dies, transfer dies, dies for panels. Its ability to produce efficient and functional production plants is the result of long experience in the production of prototypes. Since 1994 it has constantly expanded in terms of type of production and of quality and services supplied to Clients. A genuine passion in its daily work and top level professional training of its personnel have enabled COPROGET to satisfy successfully the needs of the most demanding markets. The continuous exchange with the Clients and the satisfaction of their needs are behind its expansion, also sustained by continual investments and constant staff training. COPROGET is able to ensure excellent product management from the beginning to the end of the production phase: -design and development of the product using CAE/CAD/CAM systems in CO-DESIGN; -design of equipment and automationsrnconstruction of equipment and automations; -performing control procedures in internal laboratory; -collaboration with reliable and qualified suppliers; -highly flexible response; compliance with safety and quality norms regulations.


2.300.000,00 €

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English , French, Spanish

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ANGELO ACCOSSATO - 011 9032980

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